Perry Miller remebered in 1982 American Quarterly (to read)

August 1, 2006

James Hoope, ‘Art as History: Perry Miller’s New England Mind,’ American Quarterly, 34:I(1982) 3-25

While I might give a thousand reasons why I prefer to inundate myself with the data I do, near the top of the list must lie a love of beauty. I have recently turned to so-called outdated history seeking and finding beauty in its prose. I could analyze the motive behind this new found desire for clean, plain writing to discover certain autobiographical facts, not the least being my own inability to form sentences or see typographical mistakes. Why do I not know how to write? Worse thoughts arrives when I consider my own inability to write as part of a larger phenomenon where written word has met its destruction. I now seek to build up my ability to formulate a…

Daniel W. Howe, ‘Descendents of Perry Miller,’ American Quarterly, 34:I(1982),94. This is a review essay of Sacvan Bercovitch’s The American Jeremiad and David Levin’s Cotton Mather.

More Bercovitch: “Typology in Puritan New England: The William-Cotton Controversy Reassessed,” American Quarterly, 19(1967)


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