musical combinations

August 7, 2006

Everyone should be well aware by now that certain musics when combined in linear progression are capable of expanding into larger joy. For example one song followed by another is often more enjoyable than merely one song. An incredible mixing of music I have just discovered is Frank Sinatra (especially Only the Lonely, but any of the Nelson Riddle era will do) following and followed by Flying Saucer Attack (any release) is unbelievably smashing.

Did you know that this post has the ability to check its own spelling?

Serious, Sinatra crooning the blues booz in hand washed away by sheets of fleeting feedback scrawl and tribal gatherings of mutl-delay marches fading back into the smooth swing of the orchestra and again into the drone and yet returning safely on the very man himself, and back into the sky and back into the voice and back into the noise… It simply must be experienced to believe. It’s like vertebrae and inverterbae discovery of self.


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