Calvin Colton 1789-1857

August 8, 2006

He served as missionary in western New York and then held Presbyterian pastorates at LeRoy and Batavia. The death of his wife, Abby North (Raymond) Colton (Feb. 1, 1826) and the failure of his voice led him to give up the ministry. Later, having taken orders in the Episcopal Church (1836), he served for one year, 1837-38, as rector of the Church of the Messiah in New York City.

History and Character of American Revivals of Religion (1832),
Church and State in America (1834),
Protestant Jesuitism
The Genius and Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States (1853)

Manual for Emigrants to America (1832)
The Americans (1833), (a defense of his country against the criticisms of Capt. Basil Hall and Mrs. Trollope) Tour of the American Lakes, and Among the Indians of the North-West Territory, in 1830 (1833)

He wrote much under the nom-de-plume “Junius,” in support of Whig policies
Abolition a Sedition (1839)
Colonization and Abolition Contrasted (1839)
Reply to Webster (1840)
One Presidential Term
The Crisis of the Country (1840)
The Junius Tracts (1843-44), a series of ten essays on public lands, the currency, the tariff, expansion, etc.

Summoned to Ashland, Ky., in 1844 he became the official biographer of Henry Clay, and editor of his works.
The Private Correspondence of Henry Clay
The Works of Henry Clay (1856-57) are still standard.
Life and Times of Henry Clay (1846), and The Last Seven Years of the Life of Henry Clay (1853)
are superseded by later biographies.

In A Lecture on the Railroad to the Pacific (1850), delivered at the Smithsonian Institution, Aug. 12, 1850, he advocated a transcontinental railroad on the religious ground that through it the human family, dispersed at the Tower of Babel, might be reunited.


2 Responses to “Calvin Colton 1789-1857”

  1. Jill Zachman Says:

    I just received a collection of books by Calvin Colton called Works of Henry Clay volumns 1-6. Can you tell me how I can find the value of this collection?

    • TL Says:

      Very nice gift, if it was one. You could check the prices on, or go to to see if any other sets are for sale. Books go for alarmingly cheap prices on ebay, as compared to fine book shops. But I’d say you have yourself a minor treasure there.


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