Filtering E. S. Morgan’s 1967 Roger Williams

September 5, 2006


Either there was no such thing as Puritanism, which consisted in ideas generally shared by all English Protestants or their was a defined split between Anglican and Puritan. This argument is read respectively through Charles H. and Katherine George The Protestant Mind of the English Reformation, 1570-1640 (1961) [BR 377 .G4] versus John F. H. New Anglican and Puritan: The Basis of Their Opposition, 1558-1640 (1964)

Morgan surmises the root difference between Puritan and Englishmen was a “deeper sense of the great obstacle that lay between man and salvation.”

Puritans ideas of damnation and eternal depravity in the living might have been debilitating were it not for the tradition of thelogians to teach men to strive for mercy of God. The path to redemption may be simplified into a response to the preaching of the Word, his Word.

Covenant of works, initial ‘pact’ between God and Adam with Adam receiving salvation for perfect obedience. Once this fails, god strike a deal with Abraham, the Covenant of grace which promises salvation for faith.


1. The first prophet of the Reformation, according to English Protestants was not Martin Luther but John Wyclif: Wyclif begot Huss and Huss begot Luther. 

As the glory of Elizabeth’s reign mounted and her seamen defied  the cohorts of Antichrist all over the world, Englishmen persuaded themselves that they were a favored people, a people whom God had cast in a role paralleled only by that of the Jews before the coming of Christ. They believed they were the successors of Israel, an elect nation destined to lead the world back to God’s true religion and end the tyranny of the Antichrist…

…The story began with the planting of the gospel in England, not by missionaries from Rome, as had once been supposed, but by emissaries from the apostles themselves. (p. 7)


William Haller, The Elect Nation: The Meaning and Relevance of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (1963) [Hunter BR1600.F68 H3 1963a]


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