ways to dig a day

September 6, 2006

Enjoying coffee must be one of the joys of entering the adult working world. Wake up, go to work, drink a cup of coffee and maybe if you’re lucky take in a chat about odd tales or better, a genealogical history of Connecticut’s British settlers with a co-worker. Sadly, my taste for coffee has turned bitter and left me going for days without so much as a simple desire for a cup. I think this is because I stopped buying the finest beans and blends and started to rely on Starbucks. Like most relationships, a change of coffee bean is essential to maintaining the healthiest experience of the peaks of personal stimulation. Luckily I made such a change resulting in something of a resurgence of coffee in my life or at least today. I brewed some of the smoothest, most mouth-watering and refreshing coffee I have perhaps ever brewed.


Steps to a fantastic day include a cup of this Helmut Sachers’ Wiener Mischung (Vienna Mix) and fresh domestic apples. Please no New Zealand imports. Coffee and fresh apples makes a great treat in the AM and a perfect celebration platter for any books that might have arrived in the mail while you were away.


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