Natural Law

December 19, 2008


D. Lyons, ‘The Correlativity of Rights and Duties,’ Nous, 4 (1970)

H.L.A. Hart, ‘Are There Any Natural Rights?’ Philosophical Review, 64 (1955)

W.W. Buckland, A Text-Book of Roman Law, 3rd ed. (Cambridge, 1963)

R. L. Poole, Iohannis Wycliffe, De Domino Divino, (London, 1890)

Oxford Essays in Jurisprudence. Second Series (Oxford, 1973)

Hugo Grotius

De Iure Pradae
De Iure Belli ac Pacis (On the Law of War and Peace)
De Veritate Religionis Christanae

  1. New York Public Library
  2. Harvard University

Introduction to the Jurisprudence of Holland
Opera Omnia Theologica

Table Talk, 1689

Samuel Pufendorf

The Whole Duty of Man According to the Law of Nature (London, 1735)

Misc. Persons

John Major, student named Jacques Almain
J. Gerson, moral work, De Vita Spirtuali Animae
L. Lessius, De Iustitia et Lure
C. Summenhart


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