The author

An obscure, humble man presents his usage of the WordPress blogging platform as a personal bibliographic – communication tool.  Thus, pages presented here serve to pass information between various computer terminals employed during the days and nights of a full-time reference archivist/manuscripts librarian and part-time graduate student. 
When time permits, additional thoughts and transcriptions added.

Eventually, I would like to use this WordPress blog’s RSS feed to provide bibliographical information to a seperate URL, however in the meantime Documenting sources stands alone as my current blog output.  Beyond tags and posts, I am interested in how technology can assist academic research, especially archival reference and intellectual history.  However, I am committed to the notion that the content of research itself takes precedence over the technology used to achieve it.

I spend my days split between the Beaux-Arts landmark building on 42nd and 5th Avenue, the former B. Altman Department store down the street on 34th and a curious building on 43rd street in the former Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan.  I keep my eyes shut for 7-8 hours at a time in South Brooklyn. I say many things, and forget even more.


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