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good day at the library

January 8, 2008

Checked out:

Boethius, Tractates and Consolation, Loeb Edition
A. W. Plumstead, The Wall and the Garden, selected Massachusetts Election Sermons, 1670-1775
Melville. Billy Budd, and other tales.
More American typology. Nighttime reading.

Julius R. Weinberg, Short History of Medieval Philosophy, 1964
A search for “Hume AND scholastics” turned up Weinberg’s The Novelty of Hume’s Philosophy
Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association > Vol. 38 (1964), pp. 17-35

…and this survey book looks like a gem of mid-20th century intellectual history. A few searches around and discovered

John W. Yolton’s Locke and the Way of Ideas, a Thoemmes Press’ Key Texts reprint from 1996. Originally from 1956. Yolton is also the author of a ‘Locke: Reference Guide’ and Way of Ideas book looks perfect for my new, and yet to burst, John Locke inquiries.

John Neville Figgis, The Divine Right of Kings, 1896. This is a very cute Harper Torchbook edition. From the cartoon-cover era of Harper Torchbooks which look like orange and pink 1965s skirts. Very Shea Stadium. This is from 1965. Might like to buy it as I would enjoy compiling a complete works of Figgis for the homestead. From the back cover “This is the method of ideas rather than men.”

Google Books is offering up other titles including Brotherhood of the Mystery which although having slightly noxious musty smell, has a weighty feel, a bar-bell like feel, quotes should be taken, and it should be lifted.

R. W. B. The American Adam, Innocence, Tragedy and Tradition in the Nineteenth Century, 1955.

Is there anything better than academics in the 1950s? Everything is so clear and every idea so intelligible that these guys (only guys) had spare time to work on style! Myth and symbol, nah, just classy gents doing what they do best, & giving us a dose of John Donne through Jame Joyces all in a single idea. Not sure how I missed this one. Pretty sure that it was an apex of Empire.


David Hackett Fisher, The Revolution of American Conservatism, 1965
Will probably regret returning this as I am sure it will be removed the from the library as soon I need to consult it again.

Janice Knight, Orthodoxies in Massachussetts, 1994
Never really got into this. The Introduction and first chapters were good, but the other sections a bit flowery. This is one of those books, not to its discredit, I read simply because I saw it referenced and wanted to figure out how it fits in as an updated version of the story of the Puritans as told by its Corporation.

Franz Brentano, On the Several Senses of Being in Aristotle, 1975 translated by Rolf George

Another book I should probably buy. Virtually made a commentary of it, especially the chapters on the 4 senses of being in the Metaphysics. If I could I would just read this book, but unfortunately am neither Catholic nor German so I would eventually feel estranged myself. Good for before beer drinking. Should have checked the index of the book for Brentano’s usage of Aquinas in his explanation of Aristotle. But again, unfortunately, no latin and not Catholic. 😦